My first book, “Praying To The Goddess Of Mercy, A Memoir Of Mood Swings”, was launched on October 1.

I am both thrilled and a little apprehensive at the same time. I am not sure how people will respond; the topic, mental illness, remains taboo in many Asian societies where segments of the population are still very conservative about health matters even as they embrace all that is modern, from computers and phones to home appliances and fashion. Some people still believe that a manic rage is caused by demon possession and depression is punishment for bad deeds.

On these pages, besides information about me and my book, you can also find links to various websites on bipolar disorder.

If someone who reads this book can identify a friend or colleague or relative with similar symptoms and then encourages that person to see a doctor, that would be the first step in helping a person who is unwell to lead a meaningful life.

If that person goes on to be diagnosed with bipolar disorder or any other mental illness and accepts treatment, it could be a life changed for the better. It could also be a life saved.

Thank you for visiting my website.